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            About me

My name is Dean Warren Hathaway. I come from London, England. I came to Slovakia with my wife and we have been here for 10 years. I enjoy meeting new people and talking with them, which is why I decided to help those people who want to learn English. I have been working as a lecturer for more than 7 years. Through my work, I have come into contact with different cultures and a diverse range of English speakers in private companies, and language schools which have given me the experience to teach English effectively.


I organize courses for companies that consist of a maximum number of six people. I also teach individual lessons which are beneficial for students because there are fewer distractions. The lessons are fun and relaxed, so there is no stress or pressure. All lessons are conducted in a professional and enjoyable way. I focus mainly on Conversation and grammar which is better for improving your confidence and helps you to speak English naturally.


If you are interested in any of the courses you can contact me by phone on 0907 293 277 or by e-mail at

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